The standards of care for treatment of patients with eating disorders require a multidisciplinary approach. Medical treatment, monitoring and management is an integral part of the care patients receive at Avalon Hills. As the deadliest mental illness, the effects of eating disorders on the body are often severe and require very specialized interventions. No bodily system is left untouched by an eating disorder. Our expert medical staff is well versed in the treatment of critical medical problems (e.g. cardiac issues, bone density loss, gastrointestinal problems and refeeding syndrome).

Avalon Hills’ medical team consists of a physician, nurse practitioners and nurses. At admission patients are fully evaluated by a medical practitioner. Evidence based medical monitoring and treatment is then implemented. Throughout their treatment our patients are assessed by a nurse at least twice daily. Full orthostatic vital signs are checked and appropriate interventions are made in consultation with the medical providers. Patients are also seen by the medical providers 2-3 times per week and more if necessary. The medical treatment at Avalon Hills involves physical exams, monitoring of labs, EKGs and where necessary, the referral to outside specialty providers such as cardiology and gastroenterology. Our approach to psychotropic medication prescription and management is conservative and informed by pharmacogenetics.

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