Krys Oyler, LCSW


Krys started at Avalon Hills in 2016 and has been a therapist since 2005.

He worked in residential treatment for 12 years and in private practice for 7 years. He has a Master’s degree in Social Work from Brigham Young University, in Provo Utah.

He has a personal knack for working with ASD, sexual addiction, sexual identity issues, attachment issues as well as addressing spirituality.

He feels that he is best ad helping clients accept challenging life circumstances and adopting healthy approaches to life.

Krys is passionate about seeing individuals take from therapy real-life skills and apply them in a way that changes their lives. The ability to see real people change their lives for the better is one of the most exciting things that he takes away from his work.

Personally, he is passionate about his family where he has a wife and 4 daughters. Spirituality is very important to him and he tries to incorporate it into his live. He is also a big fan of Diet Coke.

When he is not working you can find him spending time on girly activities with his wife and daughters. He enjoys golf and tennis as well as being obsessive about his lawn and garden.

Why I love Avalon Hills

My name is Krys Oyler and I have been a therapist for the last 12 years. I spent the first 12 years of my career in a residential setting seeing the immeasurable value and necessity of 24 hour care for many individuals struggling with severe emotional difficulties and addictions. I also spent time in part time private practice for the past seven years and found myself frequently confronted with "mild" eating disorder issues that turned out to be not so mild at all.

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