Michael Albright, AMFT


Michael has been working as a therapist for three years with specialization in residential treatment for substance abuse and addiction. He has three years of training in Gestalt therapy at the Gestalt Associates Training in Los Angeles, California. He joined Avalon Hills in June 2016.

Professionally he's is known for his process group being present-focused. He strongly believes that people are inherently capable of regulating themselves and living happy lives, despite what their past has been. He seeks to have clients become aware of how they have adapted to hardships and how, over time, these adaptions have somehow prevented them from more effectively meeting current needs. In a supportive stance, he encourages them to experiment with new behaviors.

Professionally, he is passionate about continued development in treatment theory and application. Helping people to learn about themselves, walk on their own two feet, and lead to live fuller, more meaningful lives is what drives him.

Personally, he is very passionate about understanding and addressing the implications of cultural trends on children and family life and promotion of father involvement in childrearing.

When he is not working, you will find Michael spending time with his wife and four kids, discussing philosophy, taking walks, reading books, and writing in his journal.

Why I love Avalon Hills

I have been working residential treatment for the past two years, during which time I have been acquainted with the philosophies of many in the substance abuse industry. Whereas many treatment centers claim to offer “cutting edge treatment”, it simply is not true.

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