Jan Pettengill Millis - Direct Care Manager


Jan has been working as a Social Worker for over 25 years. Prior to Avalon Hills, she worked as a Social Worker at a hospital, a Program Director and Grant Writer for a school program and was employed within the prison system.

Jan’s role at Avalon Hills consists of leading and managing the Direct Care staff who are responsible for the round-the-clock care and monitoring of clients. She interfaces with staff, clients and families to ensure their day-to-day needs are being met and that they feel at-home at Avalon Hills. She is observant and works to understand the individual needs of clients as they move toward their own recovery.

Jan holds spending time with family and friends as one of the most precious aspects of life. She enjoys the beauty of nature and embraces the challenge of a spirited karaoke contest.

Why I Love Avalon Hills

My name is Jan Millis and I am the Direct Care Manager at Avalon Hills. I am a New Hampshire girl, born and raised...

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