Rachel Enoch’s Avalon Story

I think it is often difficult when you are you so invested in the lives of the individuals you serve to allow yourself to take a step back and look at what you are doing from a birds-eye view. That is what I’m going to attempt to do now. Since coming to Avalon, to say I’ve hit the ground running, may possibly be an understatement. I have been able to fully invest into the work that I do with the clients and I love being able to work with them, get to know their stories, conceptualize their cases, and connect with them in a meaningful way with the hopes that it brings about meaningful change in their lives.

My background is in Behavior Analysis and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and I believe it is with this background that has been so beneficial to the work that I do at Avalon. Being able to conceptualize cases from a functional perspective in order to best understand my clients has been invaluable to helping my clients move towards change in their lives. The emphasis Avalon has on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is what brought me to this job. To be able to implement and emphasis an evidence-based practice that the literature demonstrates is effective with eating disorders is of the utmost importance to me. This is the work that guides my practice and therapeutic approach and an area I am deeply invested in with regards to how it impacts our clients. I believe Avalon’s emphasis and unique approach to integrating ACT with our population is something that will allow myself as a therapist to help transform lives and help our clients seek recovery. I am excited to continue to seek avenues to understand how as a therapist I can integrate Neurofeedback and ACT to understand what is happening on both the overt and covert levels of behavior.

Before coming to Avalon, I was always interested in eating disorders. When moving I was going through all of my graduate school material and found countless articles on eating disorders I had printed and gone through, prior to even knowing I would one day have the opportunity to work at a residential facility for eating disorders. I’ve always wanted to work with persons who have an eating disorder and help to empower them while supporting them in identifying what is important to them, what they value, and what their personal goals are. Eating disorders endlessly fascinate me and having the opportunity to invest in and begin to understand each client’s journey is something that keeps me up at night thinking about what I can do to best serve them. Working with individuals with eating disorders is something I have always dreamed of doing and I’m thankful for the opportunity Avalon has provided me in being able to do so.

- Rachel Enoch, PhD, BCBA-D, LBA, Primary Therapist, Adolescent Home

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