Vern Millis’ Avalon Story

My story. I interviewed at Avalon Hills twice the first time was for a maintenance position which a more qualified individual got, an opening in the culinary dept opened up and I got that position. I had a 22+ year career in Corrections with the NH Dept of Corrections I worked in every part of the system from Max custody to the Halfway houses. I was a Sergeant for 12 years, 4 of those years I also filled in as a counselor /case manager working with the facility Drug and Alcohol program teaching relapse prevention. I was assistant shift commander for 2.5 year. and finished my last 3 years running the facility transportation and property unit. When I retired I decided that I was done with law enforcement.I have always loved to bake. In the city we lived in the local community college was affiliated with the NH Culinary Institute which just happened to start a new baking associates program. I enrolled and did very well received the freshman of the year award and completed a paid internship at a local high end resort. Circumstances changed in our lives and I found myself in Logan UT before I could finish the program. I took the next two years off watching my grandsons. My wife told me I had to get a job because staying home was not good for me. My wife was employed by Avalon Hills which seemed to be a good company. I now have been with Avalon Hills for over 3 years I love working here. When people I meet ask me what I do I say I make great food for young ladies and women who are afraid to eat.The job shows it rewards when a client discharges after having worked very hard on changing not just behaviors but themselves, some clients clients express their appreciation with cards saying things like thank you for making the food taste so good when it is so hard to face your demons at the table.

- Vern Millis, Culinary manager

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