Avalon Hills Is One of The Top Eating Disorder Residential Treatment Centers In The Country. We Don’t Just Treat The Eating Disorder Symptoms. We Take It A Step Further by Treating The Whole Person.

Top Eating Disorder Residential Treatment Center in the Country

Our Mission
Treat To Outcome
Avalon Hills has a dynamic culture and “Treat to Outcome” is at its heart. We pioneered this concept to stop the revolving door of care among clients who so often cycle in and out of Eating Disorder treatment. Treat to Outcome is a commitment to positive treatment outcomes that are sustainable when our clients return home. This commitment to sustainable success, is treating to outcome.


If it weren’t for the expertise, understanding, patience and persistence of the staff, I would not be here today. I often found myself marveling at the picturesque views around the property…They provide a thought-provoking yet peaceful demeanor so you can welcome change and healing experiences. It’s invigorating.

Family Member of Patient

Avalon Hills saved our daughter’s life. For 2 years, our family searched for answers to our daughter’s illness, only to find treatment approaches offered at well-known USA medical and mental health institutions that had failed to treat our daughter’s condition. Avalon is unmatched in the quality of care and love in which it treats the children, young adults, and family members entrapped by an Eating Disorder. Avalon IS HOPE.

Health Care Professional

Avalon Hills has several areas which I think sets them apart from many places. First is their focus on the neuroscience and the brain retraining. They consult with some of the best people in the world in this area of expertise. Second is the duration of time that they will focus on what is best for the patient. They will really do what they can with the insurance companies to ensure as much coverage as possible is afforded to the patient.

Avalon Hills The Story

Treatment Components

Better Treatment. Life Changing Recovery.

While Eating Disorders have a lot in common, everybody is different, and so every eating disorder treatment program at Avalon Hills has a tailor-made component, unique to the individual. We help our clients develop new ways of thriving in their lives through a combination of the best, tried-and-true traditional recovery methods, psychotherapies and advanced neuroscience.

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Applied Neuroscience

Primary Psychotherapy


Sensorimotor Interventions



Healing Gallery

Others Have Done It. You Can Too.

Recovering from an eating disorder is possible and is a team effort. At Avalon Hills we will work with you to surround your child with people who will care for them, listen to them, laugh with them, and fight for them. Others have healed and your loved one can too.

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Applied Neuroscience

Think Different About Recovery

Neurofeedback has assisted many of our clients to function well in life without medication. Working with leading figures in neurofeedback, Avalon Hills has pioneered the application of this technique to help those with Eating Disorders. Neurofeedback is completely non-invasive, and involves tailoring brain exercises to help people learn to regulate their emotions and gain control over their attention and focus. They’re in control of retraining their brain.

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Different Areas Of The Brain

The EEG is a measure of the electrical activity generated by the combined firing of neurons, specialized brain cells. Long used as a valuable medical tool in neurology, the EEG is now being used in behavioral and mental health fields. Quantitative EEG permits the analysis of the electrical activity being generated in 19 different areas of the brain by comparing them to a normative database to determine if there is too much or too little activation.

Groundbreaking Studies

It was long thought that the brain was not plastic and existing patterns of activity could not be substantially changed. However, groundbreaking studies in the mid-1980s demonstrated that the structure and functioning of the brain could be altered by experience. The application of applied neuroscience techniques is aimed at helping change the underlying patterns of activity in the brain to reduce the struggle an individual faces in their recovery from an Eating Disorder.


Receive Mental Health Treatment

Avalon Hills employs the use of qEEG with every admission to their Eating Disorder program. Also, Avalon Hills has accumulated the largest library of these scans for patients with Eating Disorders, and uses them to monitor for response to treatment. The activation patterns are displayed on “brain maps” which can be used to help clients to see how their brains are operating and how they can change this to work better.
About Us
How We Are Different
Clients at Avalon Hills will receive one of the most in-depth psychotherapeutic assessments available in the world. So many therapies today focus primarily on Eating Disorder symptoms. These are obviously very important. But Eating Disorders symptoms, while dangerous, are not the heart of the illness. They are attempts to deal with underlying problems, which may have gone undetected. Our assessments are more in-depth, are more individual, and go deeper into the cause of the Eating Disorder than any other treatment center in the country.
Treat To Outcome
Founder’s Message To You
I developed an eating disorder at age 10, but I was really convinced that I was broken. If people get adequate treatment they will get better. I got better. I know that the miracle can happen. We don’t simply treat eating disorder symptoms. Avalon Hills is really invested in long term outcome. It’s hard work and it takes time, but our patients recover. You will be well taken care of here. You will have sustainable success.