Breakdown of Roadmap to Recovery

Monday, Jun 01  •  


Here at Avalon Hills, we offer a roadmap to success as a guide to all patients and loved ones who are looking for help with recovering from their eating disorder.

Step 1: An advocate must be willing to insist on residential treatment at an appropriate time. Often, residential treatment becomes an option once acute care and other therapies have not been successful. Eating disorders are ego-syntonic, meaning it’s difficult for the person suffering from the eating disorder to ‘want’ treatment. This is why it’s so important to have a loved one who can see the warning signs, and advocate for them. 

Step 2: Consider trusted referrals. Typically, the patients we admit into Avalon Hills have a trusted team of physicians and therapists at home who have referred Avalon Hills to them. These doctors and therapists are knowledgeable about the types of treatment offered at different residential treatment centers and through their work with the person who is suffering from an eating disorder, will be able to recommend a treatment center that will best benefit them. Trust these referrals and have open and honest conversations with your providers. 

Step 3: Research treatment programs. This step is important in the process of finding the right treatment center for your loved one. We offer a large amount of information on our website on the types of treatment we offer and the experiential aspect of our residential treatment. However, if you have questions, our admissions team stands ready to answer any of them.

Step 4: Determine your payment options. The majority of those searching for treatment have insurance, however, self-pay is also an option. If you have insurance, it’s important to obtain a copy of your policy and read through it thoroughly to understand what may or may not be covered. We also have a dedicated team that works with insurances that can help you understand your out-of-pocket costs associated with your insurance.

Step 5: Contact the program admissions department. If you haven’t been in touch already with questions, now’s the time to reach out to our admissions team. They are your first touchpoint with our residential rehabilitation center and will guide you through your questions and the entire process through admissions.

Step 6: Admission and treatment. Once you have completed the steps above, you’ll be ready to make a decision. With hard work and quality, compassionate care, it is our sincere belief that you will find sustainable success with your recovery. 
Questions? We are here to answer them for you. Simply fill out our contact form and our admissions team will be in touch with you. We have the ability to help you or your loved one find recovery from eating disorders, don’t wait to reach out for help.