Eating Disorders


Neuroscience & Eating Disorders

While the core treatment of eating disorders remains based on psychotherapy, behavioral modifications, and close medical management, we are discovering more and more about the science and brain functioning of individuals suffering from an...

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Pregnancy & Eating Disorders

Pregnancy requires a great deal of physical, psychological, and emotional strength. During pregnancy, the growing baby receives all of its nourishment from the mother’s body. While gaining weight is required for a healthy pregnancy, for...

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Eating Disorders & Reproductive Health

It is well known that diet and nutrition may have a significant impact on an individual’s ability to conceive and reproductive systems. Nourishing the body properly is one of the most powerful health changes an individual can make in...

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Early Indicators of an Eating Disorder

When it comes to eating disorders, early detection and treatment is essential. Those who suffer from eating disorders often feel compelled to hide their behaviors which can spiral into serious health issues and a more difficult time...

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Breakdown of Roadmap to Recovery

Here at Avalon Hills, we offer a roadmap to success as a guide to all patients and loved ones who are looking for help with recovering from their eating disorder. Step 1: An advocate must be willing to insist on residential treatment at...

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All About Experiential Therapy

Experiential Therapy is a therapeutic approach that encourages patients to identify and address any hidden or subconscious ideas through an array of activities. Experiential therapy is not just one form of therapeutic intervention, but a...

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