The Impact of Media

We live in a world where media is no longer only accessible through television and magazines. We have unlimited access to the world at our fingertips through computers and phones, and social media is bombarding our everyday feed. At any...

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Come As You Are: Hindsight is 20/20

The National Eating Disorders Association’s (NEDA) National Eating Disorders Awareness Week is the largest and best-known outreach effort for eating disorders in the country. In 2019, NEDA Awareness Week encouraged individuals to Come as...

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Eating Disorder Awareness Week

By Jill JensenCase Manager National Eating Disorder Awareness Week has come and gone, but raising awareness about Eating Disorders is something we can do any day of the year. While working at Avalon Hills, I have become more aware of what...

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Mind, Body, and Recovery

Taylor BirdYoga Specialist Yoga is the act of union, where we create connection and let go of separation. Yoga provides a safe and grounding space to explore the connection of the embodied brain-mind and body together. Yoga also offers a...

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