Letter to Those Struggling: HoldOnPainEnds

We are featuring another guest blog spot from a soulful former patient, Courtney. We are so grateful for her tenacity and commitment to her recovery. Also, that she is able to so eloquently articulate the struggles and speak to us where...

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Body Image Acceptance: Shopping Experientials

By Jill JensenCase Manager There are many areas of work for each individual pursuing recovery. One of the most difficult obstacles for many of our patients is body image acceptance. Body image is often one of the last areas to change and...

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Supporting the recovery process

By BreAnne NolandCase Manager I first learned about Avalon Hills while taking a physiology course at Utah State University and was immediately excited to apply. Unfortunately, I am no stranger when it comes to the topic of eating...

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Reconnecting With Life

One of the many things that sets Avalon Hills apart is our willingness and determination to treat each patient at the individual level and not attempt to apply one treatment model to everyone. Avalon understands that each patient has...

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Goodbye from Anne, a Tribute to Avalon Hills

One of our beloved treatment team members of 8 years is leaving Avalon Hills due to relocating secondary to family circumstances. We wanted to take the opportunity to thank Anne for her contribution to excellent patient care and sadly to...

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