Coronavirus update for Families, Caregivers and Providers

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May 11, 2020

We are now requiring a negative COVID-19 test for all those who are admitted into our program. Contact our Admissions department with any questions you have regarding this: 435-938-6060.

March 18, 2020

Our CEO, leadership team members and medical staff wish to provide an update to our families, caregivers and providers, and to point them to a place where they can look to receive updates in the future. We have been meeting daily to stay informed about COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus. Going forward, we will begin updating our website with any information to keep you informed. (www.avalonhills.org)

Our patients’ safety, health, and well-being are our top priority and we know that our patients continue to need residential treatment, especially during such a frightening and anxiety-inducing time.

We want to inform you all that we plan on continuing to provide treatment to our patients and will continue to accept admissions for residential treatment of both adolescents and adults.

Our devoted staff are working to ensure our practices stay in accordance and up to date with the CDC guidelines as well as the Utah Department of Health and the Bear River Health Department. As a reminder of our infection control practices, and in an effort to minimize risk and disease spread we are continuing to focus on the following:

  1. We have formed a COVID-19 preparation committee composed of medical and leadership team members to track the status of the COVID-19 situation on a daily basis, informing necessary evolution of our organizational practices and guidelines
  2. We have developed and trained staff on a screening process for potential admissions related to relative risk based on their location, travel history, and current symptoms and/or the symptomology in individuals they have been in close contact with to reduce the risk of exposure to our current patient population
  3. Staff have been trained on protocols detailing personal hygiene for staff and monitoring of patient implementation
  4. Education has been provided to all employees related to expectations to stay home and communicate their symptoms to their respective supervisor if they are sick to prevent the spread of disease to patients per CDC guidelines
  5. We are not allowing any non-essential visitors on-site at our facilities and will be conducting our family therapy via telehealth
  6. All staff and family members entering our facilities will pass through screening procedures prior to being allowed to enter
  7. Effective immediately, we are implementing additional screening related to all local and home therapeutic passes.
  8. We have developed a specific protocol to implement in the event any of our patients exhibit symptoms our medical team deems concerning
  9. We will be changing all of our weekend planning to eliminate exposure to large group activities (anything with more than 10 people) such as sporting events, restaurants, and church services
  10. We will be cancelling all non-essential medical and dental appointments
  11. Working in our facilities with cleaning protocols that support a safe and sanitized environment

We are proud to be specialists in the field of eating disorders and appreciate your trust in us, especially during this time as we care for your family members and patients.


Benita Quakenbush, PhD (CEO), Nina Jorgensen, MD (Medical Director), Chad Speth, FNP (Primary Care Provider), & The Avalon Hills Leadership Team