Avalon Hills

Patient Testimonial

• • •

The Avalon Hills team makes the safety of each client a top priority in every sense. The community surrounding Avalon Hills is pleasant. It’s clean and the people make the area safe and easygoing. As a part of my recovery journey, I participated in many off-site experiences, activities and challenges. I always felt secure during time away from the adolescent center property and I knew that the staff member in charge had my best interest in mind. By facing real-life struggles and addressing my fears with some of our challenges I was able to prepare and equip myself with the tools I need to work through uncomfortable and anxiety-provoking experiences. Eat out challenges and trips to the local mall to find clothes for my changing body were very integral parts of my recovery.

The scenery surrounding Avalon Hills is truly breathtaking. As a client at the adolescent center, I often found myself marveling at the picturesque views around the property. There’s something about the clear sunny skies and views of mountains as far as the eye can see. They provide a thought-provoking yet peaceful demeanor so you can welcome change and healing experiences. It’s invigorating. When my physical health was restored, I was able to partake in horseback riding, nature hikes and other unique outdoor activities that not only reconnected me to a healthy sense of enjoyment; it further assured me that my life was worth living.

As a client in the adolescent center, I always felt I was in good hands. Each staff member has a wealth of knowledge that brings something unique to the treatment team. At Avalon Hills, there is no cookie cutter path for recovery, I truly believe the attention to detail for each client’s recovery journey is unmatched. My therapist at Avalon Hills was dedicated to so much more than restoring my weight and stopping destructive behaviors. While working with the treatment team I never felt focused on the time it took for me to address some of the trauma and hurt that led to my eating disorder. I was encouraged and guided every step of the way so that when I graduated from the program, I felt ready to return home with confidence in my strength…If it weren’t for the expertise, understanding, patience and persistence of staff, I would not be here today.