Goodbye from Anne, a Tribute to Avalon Hills

Monday, Oct 10  •  


One of our beloved treatment team members of 8 years is leaving Avalon Hills due to relocating secondary to family circumstances. We wanted to take the opportunity to thank Anne for her contribution to excellent patient care and sadly to say goodbye. We wish her the best in her new career path!

Goodbye from Anne, Written by Anne Stephens

I have been with the Avalon Hills team as a dietitian for 8 years. I have very much enjoyed my time here, and am deeply saddened by leaving. I have gained so many friendships and developed relationships, and it will be difficult to say good-bye. I will miss working with excellent people who are skilled, compassionate, hard-working, and loving. I will miss working with the clients especially, and I’m grateful for the time I have been able to work with them.

I am so glad that Avalon exists! The treatment of eating disorders can be difficult at times, and I am so glad that Avalon stands out as a treat to outcome facility. The treatment model is above all else, with the goal to return clients to their homes and allow them the best possible life. Avalon is committed to getting clients return to their lives and gives them the best opportunity for success. This treatment model is unlike other eating disorder facilities.

Thanks to everyone for the last 8 years! Thank you for your time, your humor, your friendship, and your collaboration. I am so appreciative of the staff and clients who make Avalon an amazing place. Continue to do amazing things!