Neuroplasticity Pioneers

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From inception, Avalon Hills has been determined to provide uncompromising care for our patients. Bringing this value to life requires vigilant attention and responsiveness to scientific advancements.

One of the core values that guides and directs treatment at Avalon Hills is the relentless pursuit of improvement. Pursuit of improvement often requires a pioneering spirit. The courage to embrace change and do what it takes to implement change usually comes with a price. It requires the courage to take responsible risks and expect that others will join the journey in the face of fear and resistance.

To move forward requires us to remain nimble enough to see and act on possibilities. We improvise, adapt and overcome. We reach out and create alliances with those from whom we can learn and forge new and improved treatments for our patients and for the field of mental health in general. This pursuit has led to the formation of consulting relationships with professionals who represent the best of the best.