Our Philosophy: Treat to Outcome

Tuesday, Jun 16  •  


On average, clients at Avalon Hills have been through treatment multiple times before entering our facility. It is common for these girls and women to get stuck in a revolving-door cycle of recovery and relapse for a significant amount of time. Our goal is to be the last residential treatment program our clients need before returning to their lives as happier and healthier women. This is why we hold the goal to Treat to Outcome at the very heart of our program. 

Eating disorders are behavioral disorders based on complex emotions and psychological blocks. Individuals binge and purge, restrict food, or starve themselves. These behaviors arise from a root cause. Disregarding these root causes and simply treating the behaviors makes it nearly impossible to reach sustainable progress. 

Treat to Outcome allows the treatment team to design and follow a treatment plan to the very end. At Avalon Hills, we don’t just treat eating disorder symptoms, we treat the whole person. Treat to Outcome means working with each client until she has developed the ability to transition to a lower level of care and sustain her progress through a graded transition back into her home environment. 

Eating disorder symptoms, while dangerous, are not the heart of the illness. They are attempts to deal with underlying problems, which may have gone undetected. One of the main approaches we use is in-depth, individualized psychotherapy. An important concept that underlines Avalon Hills’ treatment program is the recent discovery that the human brain is plastic, meaning that the brain structure is actually changeable and adaptable. The brain can grow and change in response to mental activity experience and even interpersonal interactions. Whether it is through her individual psychotherapy, family therapy, neurofeedback, mindfulness, body image work, group therapy, or animal therapy, we are always working to help our residents understand that they can change in deep ways of their choosing. 

As clients progress through the various stages of their program at Avalon Hills, they’ll work with a multitude of individuals who help people develop a healthier relationship with food, exercise, and their own bodies. As our clients prepare to leave the safety and predictability of our facility, we focus on teaching effective coping strategies to deal with the inevitable hardships that will arise while transitioning back into a complex and body-conscious world. 
Our Treat to Outcome philosophy is based on extensive medical and psychological research. It has proved to be tremendously effective in helping our clients achieve sustainable success. Contact us today to learn more about Avalon Hills and how we can help you or your loved one find the path to recovery.