Direct Care

• • •

Direct Care staff at Avalon Hills provide support, guidance and role modeling for clients as they work to recover a healthy relationship with food, physical activity and with their bodies. Newly admitted clients are gently supervised by highly-trained staff as they encounter difficult meals, body image challenges and new social situations.

Direct Care staff supports clients 24-hours a day; they are available to encourage and assist as clients learn to interrupt their eating disorder symptoms. Direct Care staff accompanies clients on activities in the community, such as attending theater and musical performances, going to movies and other outings and adventures. Additionally, direct care staff participates with clients in activities as varied as equine therapy, animal-assisted therapy, skiing, swimming, hiking, canoeing and white water rafting, in an effort to model behaviors and skills needed to build positive interpersonal relationships.

The Direct Care team is dedicated to providing stability, security and opportunities for growth as clients regain health, confidence, hope and a renewed interest in a life without an eating disorder.