Bob Thomas

Chief Financial Officer

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Bob is an independent CPA and serves as the CFO for Avalon Hills. He is one of the owners of Jones Simkins, LLC–a regional accounting firm in Utah. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting and an MBA from Utah State University.

Bob has over 18 years of experience in accounting and tax preparation. Bob’s experience is crucial in his role of financial strategist. The local community has benefited from Bob’s talent and charitable use of his time. He is a past president of the Estate Planning Council of Northern Utah and the Cache Education Foundation. He also serves on the Avalon Hills Foundation for Eating Disorders Board.

Outside of work, Bob loves his busy family life–he and his wife work hard to keep up with the schedules of their fives boys. Between sports, camping, boating, and scouting, the Bob and his wife often divide and conquer to meet the challenges of competing commitments.