Carisa Palmer, RN

Director of Nursing

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Carisa began her nursing career with Avalon Hills in 2012 as a Licensed Practical Nurse. She has since graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Weber State University. She has a kind, soft disposition that allows her to work very well with our clients while providing them with top-notch care.

In addition to her primary nursing responsibilities, she has many leadership roles and compliance tasks to help Avalon Hills ensure the best nursing practice is being offered to our clients. She also works closely with community hospitals and medical offices to coordinate medical care for our clients should the need arise.

In her free time you will find Carisa with her family; cheering them on as they participate in sports, traveling with them, and camping every chance they get. She loves the outdoors, family time, reading, sewing, and woodworking.

Why I Love Avalon Hills

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There is something that grabs hold of us and reels us in. Below is my story.

I interviewed for my very first nursing job just over 4 years ago. I had in my mind that I would NOT accept the first job offered to me, that I would make a wise decision and be sure that I was making the best choice for me and my family. Why in the world would I want to drive for 30 minutes to get to work when I live 5 minutes away from the local hospitals?

Well, I did just what I had planned NOT to do. I took the first job offered to me at Avalon Hills. I drive 30 minutes each way to get to and from work for my scheduled shift, or when I’m called in for an emergency, or for nursing meetings. And I don’t regret it. 4 years later, I’ve graduated as a Registered Nurse and I am now working full-time as the lead nurse at the adolescent unit. Next spring, I will have a bachelor’s degree in nursing and I have no plans for making a 5 minute drive over my current 30 minute drive.

Why? I love my coworkers. Over the years there have been some changes in the nursing department. I am now fortunate enough to work under and along side the great Lesle Dickey, the most kind and compassionate person I’ve ever met in my life. I get to see Chad in action with each patient. I get to help train and watch new nurses learn the ropes. I get to watch Anne (for a few more days) innocently swoop in and show each patient that, even though she might look like a push-over, she will not be swayed. I get to work with Jan when the houses simultaneously implode and we need nurses and DC staff, PRONTO! I get to listen as Stephen puts the smack down on insurance from the tiny little office attached to the nursing office in Petersboro. I get to be there as the therapists make rational decisions when I just want to pull out my mom voice. I get to watch the various DC staff, neuro techs, case managers, and nurses step up and and make each house run smoothly at all hours of the day and night.

I also get to watch “the switch”. The switch is when the light comes on in a patient and they CHOOSE recovery. The light their eyes is bright and even happy. I don’t get to see it with every patient, but when I see it, I remember that Avalon is the answer. I remember why we deal with the difficult months when a patient is struggling with letting go of that evil eating disorder. And I remember that sometimes, it really is MONTHS. And that is okay. Sometimes that is what it takes. And I remember that Avalon stands behind each and every patients.

That is why I believe in Avalon. Nobody gives up.

– Carisa Palmer, RN