Hannah Sawitsky, LCMHC


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Hannah began working at Avalon Hills in 2016 and completed her MS in Applied Psychological Sciences in August 2016. She completed her graduate practicum at a community mental health agency working in both a residential and outpatient setting.

Hannah has worked in a number of different settings with a variety of populations since 2010 including- individuals with severe and persistent mental illnesses, youth at risk, homeless youth, chronically homeless adults, people with physical and cognitive disabilities, children with neuro-developmental disorders, and adults and children with traumatic brain injuries.

She also has previous experience working in outdoor education/recreation as well as specifically adaptive outdoor recreation (working with people with disabilities).

She received her undergraduate degree in Psychology with a focus in neuroscience from Lawrence University, Appleton, WI in June 2011. She also received her graduate degree in Applied Psychological Sciences from Pacific University, Forest Grove, OR in August 2016.

Hannah has also trained with Julie Colwell, PhD in Boulder, CO in body-centered transformation. There she learned how to utilize somatic based techniques in individual and group therapeutic settings.

Hannah has particular skill integrating outdoor and experiential interventions. She is particularly good at teaching others to utilize information from somatic/body-centered/physical sensations to better understand their emotional experiences. Supporting others in recognizing reactivity and shifting into more creative states. She teaches skills to learn how to shift out of reactive patterns and helps to build emotional and somatic awareness.

Professionally, the is passionate about empowering clients to recognize and utilize their own strengths in order to enact the changes they want to see in their lives. She emphasizes being playful and collaborating on creative solutions that support each individual’s successes.

What excites her about the work she does and the contribution that she makes is letting each client be the expert on themselves and learning alongside them. She truly sees it as a privilege when clients are willing to let her be a part of their process and she enjoys working collaboratively to create change.

Personally, she enjoys the outdoors, creative expression, appreciating every moment, creating genuine connections with others.

When she is not working, you can find here in the outdoors on an adventure with her partner and their dog Jackson or at home reading and catching up on creative projects. Some of her favorites are hiking, skiing/snowboarding, and cycling.