T’Nesha Cleveland

Billing Specialist

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T’Nesha started working for Avalon Hills in May 2014 and has been working in collections for over 4 years. She has an associate’s degree as a medical specialist. She also is certified in CPR, First aid, Phlebotomy and Medical Assisting.

When it comes to billing, she is known as the billing “Honey Badger”. Often she says “We don’t stand down! We fight with all our might to get what the member deserves.” Her talents lie in solving billing and claim denials for clients and always does her best to make sure that all claims are corrected before the client has to get involved.

She is very passionate about finding ways to increase revenue so we are able to assist families in need with our “Treat to Outcome” mission. One of the most exciting parts of her job is when insurance pays when and how they are supposed to. This saves the client time and stress.

Her children are her biggest passion. She always gives them 110% and making memories with them is one of the most important things to her. She also enjoys baking and crafts. Also, she is very passionate about Halloween., that is the only time of year she will decorate her office.