Through all the pain and the tears, we will conquer our fears

Wednesday, Nov 16  •  


Taylor Bird
Yoga Specialist

When I was first offered the position as the new Yoga Specialist for Avalon Hills, I started crying and honestly asked “are you serious? You’re not playing a trick on me?” I could not believe that a dream of mine was coming true! I started practicing Yoga about two years ago when my sister invited me to go to a class with her. I needed something to fill the emptiness I felt in my life. From that point forward I have always aspired to teach others what Yoga has taught me about self-love, acceptance, and so much more.


When I was researching different training options, I wanted to find one that offered a very sacred and healing atmosphere as well as a relaxing vibe. I truly feel that the setting in which I train will affect my growth and future teaching style. As I was browsing around I came across a few that I felt would be good and reliable options and others that felt more of like a lecture hall. I ended up stumbling upon the Yandara Yoga Institute web page the last time looking for options before making a final decision. I was looking for a 2016 training and they were offering an Intensive 200 hour Yoga teacher training in Baja Mexico starting November 14. I clicked on the link, read through information about the curriculum, the setting, and the overall atmosphere. I then came across a short video giving a general idea of what to expect and while watching it I started to cry. I felt like my heart was beating out of my chest. I instantly knew that this was the center that I needed to attend in order to succeed at my highest expectations. Later that day, the choices were reviewed and the decision was finalized, I was getting my wish again! I would be attending the Baja 28 day yoga teacher training. I feel very content and at peace with this decision, knowing we made the right one.

I am grateful to the Avalon Hills leadership for really hearing my rationale as to why this was “the place” to facilitate the training that fit with the heart of our program.


I will be landing in Mexico on Sunday November 13, and to say I am nervous is an understatement. I will train intensively for 28 days. Training includes studying a wide range of yoga styles, breathing techniques, meditation, restorative poses, the human anatomy, and other useful skills to apply this knowledge. Monday through Saturday is a very connected and disciplined time with no phone use or other outside contact. It is a time for the students to allow themselves to fully engage with no distractions for a more spiritual and enlightened time to learn and strive to meet one’s highest self. Sundays allow for meditation and relaxation as well as the option to visit a nearby town, Todos Santos. While in Todos Santos we will be able to explore shops and cafes, meet the locals, and also have the opportunity to buy wifi at a local café to call back home if we choose. I look forward to this time to disconnect from the world with no distractions. I hope it will allow me to look deeper within and to create a better understanding and my own truest and highest self.

I will be staying in a 10×10 tent near the beach with a twin bed. I look forward to taking the rain cover off so I can look up at the stars before I go to sleep each night, just as an added bonus.. The 22 students will share the bathrooms and showers that are provided with clean running water.


So many emotions have come up for me while preparing for this next journey in my life. I have felt nervous and anxious about what to expect. I have felt doubt within myself like “what if I don’t succeed?” I have cried more tears in these last few weeks than I have in months. I have felt joy, excitement, and so much gratefulness. I have felt peace, hope, and contentment. I have gained a new understanding of what it is like to prepare for a bigger, better step in life.


Although my emotions have been wild, I am more than ready to begin. I’m going into this training with an open mind and an open heart. I look forward to learning the practice and curriculum. I am grateful for the time that I will be allowed to dive deep within myself to continue the process of discovery and healing within, ultimately enabling me to learn how to share this gift with our clients. Above all, I am excited to have the opportunity to come back to teach and empower others, giving them the knowledge to change, to teach self-love and self-acceptance, and to show the power and strength that they hold within themselves. A motto I like to live by- through all the pain and the tears, we will conquer our fears.
– Taylor Bird, Yoga Specialist at Avalon Hills