Treat Eating Disorders to Outcome: The Path to Sustainable Success

Monday, Sep 19  •  


As with any kind of personal growth, recovering from an eating disorder isn’t a one-time event, but an ongoing process. This fundamental concept informs our unique Treat to Outcome philosophy, which is our commitment to helping our clients achieve sustainable results they can continue to build on once they return home.


On average, clients at Avalon Hills have been through treatment seven different times before they enter our facility, which means most of the girls and women under our care have been stuck in a revolving-door cycle of recovery and relapse for a significant amount of time. Our goal is to be the last residential treatment program our clients need before resuming their day-to-day lives as happier, healthier people.

Treating to Outcome requires recognizing each client as an individual and forming a personalized treatment plan catered to their unique needs. This approach helps us address the root causes of eating disorders rather than simply treating the symptoms—greatly increasing the odds of long-term, sustainable recovery compared to programs that use a universal treatment approach.

As clients progress through the various stages of their program at Avalon Hills, they’ll work with therapists, dieticians, medical practitioners, and other caring, compassionate professionals who help people develop a healthier relationship with food, exercise, and their own bodies. And as our clients prepare to leave the safety and predictability of our facility, we focus on teaching effective coping strategies to deal with the inevitable challenges, stresses, and fears that arise while transitioning back into a complex and body-conscious world.

The final element of our Treat to Outcome philosophy involves maintaining a relationship with our clients after they leave our facility to help them stay on track. Regular phone check-ins and an in-person visit to the client’s home community help ensure continuity of care, and we believe strongly in collaborating with outpatient providers to give individuals the best possible chance of success after discharge.

Our Treat to Outcome philosophy is based on extensive medical and psychological research, and we’ve found it to be tremendously effective in helping our clients achieve sustainable success. Contact us today to learn more about Avalon Hills and how we can help put you or your loved one on the path to recovery.