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The Registered Dietitians at Avalon Hills are committed to helping clients improve their relationship with food by providing creative and effective nutrition therapy. They practice, teach and promote Intuitive Eating principles with a focus on helping clients recognize and positively respond to hunger and fullness cues. Our dietitians are an integral part of our treatment team. They work in concert with other healthcare professionals to help clients establish a healthy relationship with food. This team approach is critical in recovery as clients are exposed to a wide variety of foods when challenging their food fears and reconnecting with their true food preferences.

Our dietitians couple scientific evidence with their extensive clinical experience to dispel nutrition myths and introduce mindful and Intuitive Eating. Clients participate in group eat-out-challenges, snack-outs and other food related outings. Each individualized treatment plan targets each client’s needs through grocery-shopping outings, personal meal planning/cooking and fear food challenges. These challenges foster and expand each client’s capacity to move beyond the food-based rules that defined their eating disorder. Beyond their critical work at Avalon Hills, our dietitians actively participate in advancing the understanding and knowledge of eating disorders through invited presentations at prominent professional conferences, university dietitian programs and through community outreach.