Roadmap To Success

• • •

Full recovery is possible. However, maintaining positive outcomes is often a challenge. Individuals struggling with eating disorders often feel compelled to keep their symptoms as a coping mechanism in spite of all the chaos their disorder creates.

If you are considering residential treatment for yourself or a loved one, making a reasoned choice can be difficult leading to many questions and confusion. You may need help in finding your way in this process.

Some questions that you might have are:

  • Where can I get help?
  • What kind of treatment should I be looking for?
  • Where do I start?

We hope this road map acts as a guide through this process – we offer the following ideas and tips whether or not you select Avalon Hills as your program of choice. We have successfully helped hundreds of clients access care and understand the path to success and lasting recovery. It is our goal to help inform, educate and acknowledge the difficult truth about accessing quality and effective treatment.